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We will not compromise on our quality!

LAMNIK Belgian Malinois is a family kennel. The family consists of Roelie; Gill and Nikolaos. Together we breed malinois with the aim of having an all-round dog that is sound in mind and body.

LAMNIK kennel name is made up from the Roelie’s greek name ”Lambi” and our son “Nikolaos” – hence the name LAMNIK.

LAMNIK’S GOAL - Our goal is to produce a healthy dog with balanced drive; good structure and temperament. We strive to meet or even exceed the written breed standard; preserving the true Malinois – which embodies strength; balanced character and above all versatility in it’s’ ability to perform in many roles.

LAMNIK is a registered kennel with KUSA. We strive to produce Belgian Malinois of the highest quality. The number of litters we produce varies from year to year. We plan our litter well in advance, taking into account numerous factors that include our ability to devote time and resources to each litter, as well as whether we have qualified homes lined up BEFORE we breed the prospective dogs.

Belgian Milionis were first and foremost trusted sheepdogs, and all round farm dogs. They were put into service during the First World War as ambulance dogs; locating wounded soldiers as well as running messages and telephone wires at the front lines. It was during World War Two that their duties grew to include sentry; guard and other tasks.



If we do not have puppies available, please feel free to enquire as we may have an upcoming litter. We will then put you on our waiting list.



We love hearing from families that have chosen to be part of the LAMNIK Kennel family. It's always heartwarming to hear how our pups are doing.



Over the years we have had the privilage of owning and breeding many fantastic Belgian Malinois. Here are just a few photos of some of them.

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