We will not compromise on our quality!

Some background – Roelie and Gill have both been working with dogs since 1983. Roelie working for home protection and domestic work. Gill has competed in Working Trials; qualify up to PD (Police Dog Trials) ; dog jumping; Obedience and also Schutzhund trials; winning the Schutzhund 1 Nationals in 2001.

Now from Us – What we have found in our Malinois; are dogs that are incredibly loveable; loyal and very eager to please. They are quick learners and do everything with such enthusiasm making them a pleasure to work with.

When planning a litter; we look at both dogs and their pedigrees; trying to ensure that we get the best possible results from the match and that we are breeding with sound, healthy animals that are proven especially in temperament. If it is a first time breeding; we communicate with overseas breeders and working competitors to discuss the lines and make sure that we are breeding with strong genetics and specific qualities. We try and breed with bloodlines that are free from any health issues. Obviously genetics are not 100% guaranteed as there are many factors that impact on the genes BUT we try our best to breed a sound dog that has a solid character and natural protective instinct – and have been incredibly proud of what we have bred to date.

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