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Lamnik Fury aka Jabba

Fury aka Jabba is a large, very powerful, muscular male weighing in at 40kg. Jabba has the best of both his mother and father. He is a powerhouse dog to work with; in bitework he has a solid, full, crushing grip which you feel through the hard sleeve and the full bitesuit – breaking the helpers skin. Jabba is a very high drive dog and is always willing to work. When he relaxes he forgets that he is a 40kg bulk of muscle and thinks that he is still the same 8 week old puppy that can sit on your lap. He is incredibly protective of his family and has a lot to offer the malinois breed with his amazing outgoing, sound character.

Lamnik Cato

Cato is a powerful 37kg male with and excellent head and strong bone. He has a very even tempered character but is extremely protective. Cato is a Buddy son and there is no doubt Buddy has consistently produced excellent puppies especially in her males. Cato produces dark puppies with a good protection instinct from a young age. His pups are very level headed and eager to learn.

Laser vom greifenring

Laser is our new imported puppy from Germany. His pedigree holds some of Europes top KNPV; Ring and IPO dogs. Laser is a male that is shorter on the leg with a compact, solid body and excellent head. He has incredible drives for food; ball and bite work. We are confident that Laser will be a great asset to our breeding program as he is an incredibly alert; confident; stable and outgoing youngster who can switch on and off in seconds.

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