Breeding Females

We will not compromise on our quality!

Lamnik Nina

Nina is a Buddy granddaughter. Nina is a powerful girl with an excellent head; structure and temperament. She has excellent prey drive and natural protection instinct which she shows daily. She is a very happy go lucky dog around her family. Her father -Axy Gladiumspiritus aka Astro is a powerful male with a very strong, dominant temperament imported from Romania and was used in the police force. We are excited about Nina's future. She is maturing into a magnificent dog and something we are really proud of.

Inca - co-owned by Kiki Mertens (George)

Inca is the younger full sister to Buddy (our foundation bitch). The reason for the purchase of Inca is that this bloodline has proven itself over and over again. Producing dogs for the military; anti poaching units and personal protection dogs to name a few. Inca is a very lively girl that fears nothing. She is very confident and happy go lucky with a strong; pushy character. Her pups have strong; stable temperaments.

Lamnik Holly

Holly is from our very last Buddy litter. She is a large; substantial female with very good colour; head and body. Holly is a dominant dog with very good drives. We are expecting alot from her and hoping that she carries on producing the exceptional quality that her Mother has.


Yinka is a younger sister to Buddy. The bloodlines are proven producers and we were lucky to be able to purchase her at 18 months old. She is an incredibly alert and protective female with a very strong character. And we have very strong hopes that this will pass on to her puppies as did her sisters.

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