Retired & Past Dogs

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Buddy - Retired - Our foundation female

Buddy is our foundation bitch. She is where it all started. She was a naughty, high drive little puppy but so much enthusiasm for life. Her bitework was exceptional from tiny. The amazing thing was how easy it was to train her to do things and her control is phenomenal. She was badly injured when she stopped intruders from getting into our home and this has put a stop to more intense training. Buddy produces powerful pups with very good bite and prey drive and full of attitude.

Fang vom Greifenring - Retired

After doing a lot of research, and with assistance from Heike Karp in Germany, we managed to find and purchase Fang. Fangs mother Terra, is a IPO competitor and is a strong female with good drive. Pedro, Fangs father, is a top KNPV competitor in Europe and is a real "no nonsense dog". Fang has the best of both worlds in his pedigree. He himself has extremely high drive and is very loyal and protective of his family. As he matures, he is becoming a more and more serious boy. Fang himself has very hard, solid and powerful grip which he passes onto his progeny. He produces puppies with very high drives. Fangs pups are confident and very outgoing.

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