We will not compromise on our quality!

On Dec 13 , 2016, I contacted the Kennel Union of South Africa to recommend Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) breeders who were Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) certified. They got back to me a day later; were very professional and thorough and referred me to a web site www.kusa.co.za. Needless to say the idea of sifting through a huge listing of kennels and selecting one was just not that appealing so I didn’t get around to braving the link until a couple of weeks later.

It turns out, I need not have worried, Lamnik was the only KUSA registered Malinois kennel on the website. After contacting Gillian on January 10, 2017, I was very much put at ease. She wanted to know what I needed the dogs for in order to make an appropriate selection and she wanted to know that the dogs would go to a good home so I also received some vetting questions. I advised that they would be pets and that the extreme high prey and defence drives of military or police dogs would not be necessary. Gillian explained that although her dogs come from protection bloodlines, their temperament is such that they are calm, stable, affectionate and amenable to home life. Their bloodlines do ensure that they will protect the home in a robust fashion should the need ever arise.

On January 18, 2017, the Dam was confirmed pregnant and I placed a deposit for two male puppies. The litter arrived on February 24, 2017. From then it was a wait until they were eight weeks old so that they could leave their mother. During this time I was sent photos and videos of the dogs are they grew. When the dogs were old enough to travel, Gillian made all the flight arrangements from South Africa to my country. All I had to do was be at the airport to welcome them and their assorted documents.

The pups are great, they are now 10 weeks old and very bright and very curious. They have basically house trained themselves in a week and are demonstrating their protective instinct by checking out every household noise at night. They follow me everywhere and are great companions.

Thanks Gillian

Dear Gill.

From day 1 that I have contacted you, you were friendly and helpful. You answered all my questions in a timely manner and kept me up to date with all information, foto's and progress relating to Misha. I have requested a booklet on how to raise Misha and you provided it without hesitation although it is not a normal part of the process.

After Misha arrived home for the first time we experienced a problem that we didn't know how to address. Again you and your husband assisted immediately and the issue were resolved.

We are grateful for your kind, considered service with is very rare in the times that we are living in. We will recommend you to anybody that we know without hesitation.

Thank you very much once again. Misha is a special part of our family and she fits in perfectly.


Vincent de Beer

Dear Gill.

Lamnik Cato

We saw Gills advert on Gumtree when it first came out. The puppies had just been born. We contacted Gill and she got back to us very quickly regarding her puppies. Gill made sure she knew what we were wanting our puppy for so that she was able to match us with a suitable puppy. We gave some specifications such as coloring, however, we were happy to accept a puppy that was different if he had the right temperament for us. Gill sent us some pictures of our options to choose our puppy from and he was definitely the correct puppy who arrived to us. We had never met our puppy as he flew to us. Gill organized the flights and he was on time with a little hoof in his crate to try and comfort and keep him busy on his journey.

Cato arrived to two sausage dogs and a labrador. He was comfortable with them and it didn't took very long until they were all chasing each other around the garden. Cato had no problem socializing with our animals. He is a calm boy who loves having human and animal contact, he loves being cuddled but is happy to just lie by him self if no one feels like playing.

Gill is very open to any questions or concerns that we have had. She always responds and gives very good advice. She wont always tell you what you want to hear but she will advise you on what is best for your mali, such as when to put a collar on, when can you start running with your mali ,when are his ears going to stand up (Our pups ears were up within a week of getting him) etc.....

We really love our new addition to our family and we can assure you that Gill will make sure that she sends you only the best puppy if you are considering buying a Mali. Thanks so much for everything Gill. We really appreciate it.


Luke and Jess

We are delighted with our new Malinois pup we bought from Gill Nichas in George. Akida, ( Swahili for Captain), is confident, independent and well adjusted. Already he shows signs of having superiour senses ( smelling etc) and intelligence. He has outstanding spacial cognition and immediately mapped out the property in a matter of hours- amazing for an 8 week old pup.

Dealing with Gill was a pleasure. We received continuous updated info about the pups, and plenty of photos. She has great advice and is always available for questions.

We went to George to fetch our pup and can say that he was one fortunate little guy to be brought into this world in such pleasant and loving environment



We were most fortunate to come across Lamnik Kennels and the amazing Gill and Roelie Nichas.

There are many types of breeders out there but we have yet to come across people so genuinely interested in correctly matching a recipient family and a Lamnik puppy. We waited almost 8 months for Gill and Roelie to have a litter where we could get a puppy - and what a worthwhile wait!

We wanted a family-friendly female puppy and our little one is that and so much more. The Lamnik lines seems to produce solid working dogs: our pup is a fast learner and very confident - ready to do new things and try new experiences. That said we quickly found out that a happy puppy means lots of excercise, stimulation and proper training. Our new adventure has started - thank you Lamnik :)

Demi and family from Namibia

All my adult life I have trained German Shepherd dogs. Then nearly 2 years ago, I decided to have a Belgian Shepherd, a Malinois. Gill sent me a tiny ( by GSD standards ) female puppy, who showed not an ounce of fear having flown so far, nor any fear of my other 3 huge GSDs.

Kassidy is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, the most challenging ( her mind is often way ahead of mine ), and the most rewarding. Her Obedience classes are amazing, while other dogs struggle on lead, Kassidy and I sail along, no leashes, her by side, obeying my every move. She loves Agility, and has now been made a member of our club's Flyball team.

Thank you Gill for the most amazing dog I have the joy of living with.

Pat de Korte

If you are interested in getting a Belgian Malinois you should look no further than Lamnik kennels. Gill and her Husband have set a standard of such magnitude - both as an example of what being a good breeder should entail and in the quality of their Malinois’ - that I doubt they will find their equal.

When purchasing from Lamnik Gill will ensure you get the perfect match for what ever your needs may be , but more than that you become a part of - and be fiercely proud to belong to - a larger family of Lamnik Malinois owners of various experience levels from novices to seasoned handlers all of which are more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

Gill you have treated each of us with such genuine care and with such invaluable knowledge that all I can say is THANK YOU, thank you for my wonderful girl Vairë and for making me apart of such a fantastic Lamnik Family.

Ryan Mitton

Hi Gill and Roelie,

How lucky we were getting to hear of your kennel after our first Malinois, Bismarck passed away! Getting Napoleon from your kennel to replace our beloved Bismarck was by far the best step we could have taken! We wanted a family dog that is intelligent, watchfull and good with children and that is exactly what we got! His playfulness, obedience and lovely demeanor towards small children are something to behold! What a lovely, alert, loving dog! Thank you for allowing him to be in our lives!


Martiens Mulder

Dear Gill

I was very picky with choosing a Mali Puppy last year. The reason was, that I had a bad experience previously with a problem dog of this breed. This is why I decided to fly from Durban to George to make my choice from the full litter. I was very pleased with what I saw when I came to your place and I appreciated your good advice. From the first moment I had the impression that I am going to get a wonderful dog. And I was right: Napoleon-Assagai is very special. Everyone admires his beauty, he does very well in training and he has an unbelievably gentle character: with other dogs, with children and with adults. At the same time he is extremely protective. Many people ask me for the name of the breeder and I always recommend you!

Kindest Regards,

Bernhard Grdseloff

Hi Gill and Roelie

Eddy and I must say a great thank you for what an amazing experience it has been dealing with you. It has been wonderful to meet you and have the fantastic support from you, it is not everyday that you find people who are truly dedicated not only to their dogs but also to the breed as what you both are.

We have been blessed with a beautiful little pup and soul in Zsoltan, and we have you to thank for this. He is slowly fitting in with our family (both human and dog). Zsoltan's energy, his love for his family as small as he is, is unbelievable. He is a real treasure and it is with thanks to you, as you are so amazingly gifted in matching personalities.

Many many thanks Gill and Roelie.

Kindest Regards

Celeste and Eddy

I wish every breeder had such a passion for what they are doing as Gill. She genuinely gives her all to her dogs, their pups and their new families. I actually feel like part of her family now that I have one of her beautiful dogs even though I’m in Cape Town and have never physically met her. Thank you Gill! Tessa and Vulcan.

Tessa and Vulcan

Hi Gill just wanted to say outstanding service from lamnik kennels and personal attention from yourself you just proved that it's not only about money and just selling pups as a business. You really made us feel comfortable dealing with you and looking after the well being of the pups. I will always recommend people to you anytime thanks once again for the 100% service All the best in bring up more beautiful and Intelligent pups.


MF Rahman

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